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Erotica in Audio Form – The E.L James Trilogy in MP3 Formats

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy seems to have taken the world by storm. The first book published in 2011 soon rose to the top of the charts, beating even books crafted by better-known and more established novelists. In the United States alone, the pooled sales of the three narratives reached 35 million copies. Sales across the world are registered to be double this. When the trilogy was published as a paperback, its edition soon held the record for being the fastest selling book to date.

Why is the trilogy enjoying the adulation of the reading public? The trilogy has had its fair share of criticism, mostly revolving around the opinion that it lacks literary depth, richness, and significance. In spite of this, however, the trilogy continues to enjoy a following that verges on cultism. The trilogy has spawned digital versions which demonstrate the same appeal and popularity of the hard-bound and paperback editions. People enjoy the narrative in its audio-book format. The eBook in Kindle format is also acquiring its own strong following. All formats seem to generate the same intense interest in the love story of Ana and Christian.

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy follows the tale of Ana Steele and Christian Grey. It is a love story riddled with angst and emotional conflicts. Ana and Christian fall under the spell of a powerful and passionate sexual attraction – an attraction dense with themes of sadism-and-masochism, subjugation-and-dominance and attraction-and-repulsion. It is an attraction that holds them captive – an attraction that they struggle with but cannot deny or subdue.

The story is essentially erotic – holding the imagination captive through its explicit sexual scenes and vivid language. Its readers seem obsessed by Ana’s vain attempts to ward off Christian’s extraordinary resolve to enslave her in an affair that scorches with its passion and intensity.

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